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Rajasthan Tour Package

Researching for a project on the forts and palaces of Rajasthan Tour, Arman, an architect student was glued to the computer. The more he researched, the more awed he was of the glorious and rich history of the country, Rajasthan Tours in various dynasties ruled over different regions giving the land a heritage that is second to none. Amidst all the historical glory, Rajasthan Tour Packages emerged as a legendary land defined by the kingdoms and principalities that were till independence ruled by the Maharajas, Rajas, Ranas and Rawals.

Rajasthan forts are undoubtedly the finest remnants of royals that ruled the place and spin the tales of Rajputs daring adventures. Arman tried to capture a glimpse of that bygone period through the forts listed below:

Taragarh Fort:
Situated 39 km from Kota, Taragarh was built in 1354. It consisted of three gateways and was well-known for its criss-crossing tunnels. Research made Arman realise how this very fort served as a military activity center when Ajmer was dominated by the Mughals, whereas Britishers used it as a sanitarium. One of the popular attractions of the fort is the manner in which it offers a bird’s eye-view of the region as it is beautifully placed on top of Nagpahari hill in Ajmer.

Amber Fort:
Merely eleven kilometres from Jaipur, this fort overlooks the Maotha Lake and is very popular amongst the tourist. It is a pleasure to espy the reflection of the ramparts and the terraces in the waters of the lake. In fact built in red sandstone and white marble, this fort is an attractive piece of architecture.

Chittorgarh Fort:
This fort is famous for its number of smaller forts within the main fort. So one can visit Fateh Prakash Palace, Rana Kumbha Palace, Tower of Victory and Padmini’s Palace in just one visit. Again constructed as a hilltop citadel, this fort is a living testimony of Rajput chivalry.

Bikaner Fort:
Popularly known as the Junagarh Fort, this marvel of architect was established by the Mughal Emperor, Raja Raj Singh. Even today it stands tall, replete with 37 citadels that protected the fort and includes several palaces, pavilions, towers and temples within its premises. Inside the fort is the elegantly beautiful Chandra Mahal, which akin to its name is decorated with art works and mirrors. Not to forget that magnificent Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal and the very popular Karan Mahal, which were built in the honor of Aurangzeb’s victory.

Jaigarh Fort:
This fort of victory was constructed in 1726 by Sawai Jai Singh and actually served as a royal treasury for long. As a result the fort was built on top of a cliff and was covered with huge battlements replete with walkways, providing eye-catching views of the region. The fort boasts of some of the latest war machines used in those days. Its supply of water and storage system too attracts the interest of the travellers.

Jaisalmer Fort:
Well-known as the second oldest fort of Rajasthan Tour, this fort was built in 1156. Perched on top of Trikuta Hills, this structure of golden yellow stones stand out in the region and is popularly known as Sonar Kella.

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